Do you have someone in your office who used to be great, but now is not performing well?  With the onset of Covid 19, productivity issues are at an all time high.  Low performance is most evident when people are taking breaks too frequently, failing to meet deadlines, are easily distracted, not appropriate in interpersonal conversations, lacking self-confidence, or in just the way they carry heavy negative energy.  

Other ways you may notice low performance is when an employee is just tired all the time, burned out, uninterested or just going through the motions. These individuals may seem to be just watching the clock and collecting a paycheck. Often times, they  started out motivated and even excited about working for you, they really wanted to impress you, but now they can’t seem to keep up and may even be a negative drain. Maybe even you, yourself, feel something similar is happening with your own productivity. 

Every business struggles with motivational and productivity problems.  If you are like most decision makers, you have probably tried all sorts of things to increase motivation, bonuses, team building exercises, stock options, time off and other rewards.  You may have even tried counselors, business coaches and consultants.  When you look at the cost of hiring and training, it makes sense to try to fire someone up for work instead of fire them.  So, kudos to you for trying, but are you still looking for a fresh solution?  

After years of working with employees, I’d like to share something with you.  The issue lies in a place that may surprise you.  It lies within your employees subconscious.  Don’t click away.   I know it sounds “out there”, but just this once focus in and keep reading.  I realize the urge is to run when you hear something like this, but continue reading to the end. It will be worth it.

What you need to know is that something specific actually happened to them that eventually caused these behaviors or lack of production.  They just haven’t been able to uncover exactly what it is or get over it.  They want to, they probably have even tried to, but what they have done to date has not been effective.  Read on for the solution. 


In general, human beings just simply go through a lot.  Difficult experiences happen at home and at work and may even start in childhood. After a while, particular feelings and the meanings we give them, just take their toll.  Interestingly, even with a lifetime of trouble, for a while, your team members manage things pretty well.  They are able to use their will power, reasoning skills  and positive thinking to push through.   Then one day another stressful event when they are grown up such as a divorce happens, or fear of death (such as during the pandemic) and this event acts as a straw that breaks the camel’s back.  It is at this time that the things your employees relied on to be productive, such as will power and belief in themselves, simply stop working. 

So, the question is, is there a fast and effective way to remove those experiences, so that your team members can get going again? The answer is a heck of a big YES if you find the right person.  And the right person is difficult to find, but isn’t it always like that?  The highest success has always depended on very special team members with unique skills.  That is,  if you really want  the magic to happen,  and that goes for any aspect of your business. 

You may be wondering about the average good coach.  What do they do?  Business and personal coaches, who are any good at all, may have been working with the subconscious, mostly unknowingly, through asking clients questions,  These questions cause clients to probe deeper and deeper into themselves for answers, and that is good thing. It is just what a good coach should do.   However, most coaching  simply does not go deep enough, but instead will typically help clients to uncover something called an SSE along with a negative belief that began there.  

SSE stands for subsequent sensitizing event.  In other words something that came after the ISE or initial sensitizing event.  What does this mean?  It means there is more to the problem and it means that the client could get a deeper, more far reaching realization at the very source of their issues and change permanently and really, really fast.   

Keep in mind employees that get information this way are feeling pretty good about their “breakthroughs”  This is because many times accessing an SSE especially if it is an early one, may give you a bit of momentum for awhile, especially if the person is naturally insightful, but if the client hasn’t reached the ISE, the change may seem like it should come and it doesn’t, or if it does it very well may not last.  These kinds of changes are often based on the “motivational speaker” effect.  

What is the motivational speaker effect?  This is when you listen to a great motivation speaker and afterwards your feel you life has changed, but a few days or weeks later you are right back where you were before.  No doubt, the speaker excited your mind toward your goals, but when every day life kicked in and old feelings were triggered, you found yourself right back at square one.  

So, you can see how important it is to get at the deepest cause of problems.  Afterwards exciting the mind towards objectives will last longer, maybe even a lifetime.  My ability to locate the correct ISE and not an SSE or SPE (symptom producing event – mostly for habits or physical issues) gives me one of my biggest advantages in my hypnotic coaching work. The other advantage I have is how to help clients get needed insight  when that moment is found and when clients can’t put things together on their own.  Correct insight changes the causes of productivity issues in both ISE and SSEs (and if necessary SPE) in the way that we need them to be changed.  Once changes happen in those specific moments, we can segue this into real life and into real productivity again. For many people it will feel like they are back to their best old self.  

How do I know about the subconscious mind and productivity?  I have done thousands of sessions for just this reason working with hundreds and hundreds of employees.    I have years of finding and unplugging subconscious causes of things, so they cannot be triggered anymore, and I do that kind of deep work in record time.  In my sessions, I take away that hidden inner drain on your effectiveness and when that happens everything explodes, in a good, often, even an astonishing way.  

What does this mean?  You’ll find that your employee (or yourself if you get sessions for your own benefit) springs forward with new vigor for being productive, and for enjoying life and work again.  They will be much happier.  They will bring fresh positive energy to your business and a load will be lifted from them and from you. From here, you just get to watch awesome happen again.