What is the purpose of bringing the subconscious into your coaching sessions?

Much of the time coaches access the subconscious mind without knowing it, but they don’t go deep enough. My expertise is in not only accessing that powerful state intentionally, but also in optimizing every aspect of it. Doing coaching sessions this way, clients see the most amazing, and a broad range of changes. It’s very exciting to see when they are surprised at additional things changing, for the better, things they were not expecting.

The use of the correct subconscious state of mind, plus exemplary techniques, also helps clients to make changes much faster than they would with regular coaching. Their changes also come far faster than they would with therapy and even faster than with most other types of subconscious or hypnotic work. Marrying subconscious access in this special way with coaching gives me quite an edge with clients. 

But do you actually use hypnosis with clients?

You could call it that, but it won’t be like what you see with a stage show. It won’t be like what Hollywood shows, and if you have ever had a hypnosis session, where there will be some elements you will recognize, it won’t be like that either. In fact, you will likely be surprised when you realize, suddenly, that the subconscious is working for you. That surprise may come during a session or afterwards when you are going about your day. 

Now I am perplexed. I mean, if it’s not like what Hollywood shows, not like what a stage show is like, not like other coaches, etc., then what IS it like?

You will learn more by reading about each individual phase of my program in Level 1 and Level 2 document on this site. I spell it out nearly completely there. I think you will find how we will be incorporating the subconscious mind in our work together, to be fascinating. If you have further questions, after you read those documents, you can set up a free telephone consultation and I am happy to answer them there. 

What if I can’t go into a subconscious access state?

It’s not magical or difficult in any way. You can definitely do it. All you have to do is follow easy instructions. You have been there a number of times, all on your own, actually. In fact, anytime you have become aware of something coming from a deeper part of you, you were in the right level of consciousness we will be using. Just think about how often that has happened.

Everyone has had memories, images, too much emotion over something small, aha moments, intuition and things of that nature come into their awareness. You cannot become aware of that sort of mind stuff without a certain degree of subconscious access. That is what hypnotists mean when they say things like “you will be in a normal and natural state, one that you slip in and out of a number of times per day.” The only difference between a spontaneous slipping into that state and the work we will be doing is that I, as a professional, will coach you into the ability to access inner information on purpose (instead of you going there spontaneously) and specific data will come to your awareness (instead of random stuff).

There is just one thing. If you decide you don’t want to follow instructions, you won’t have success. So just be as opened minded as possible. I realize there can be some over thinking about this. You are not the first. I work with overly analytical people all the time. We just take it step by step, and then most people get all of the changes they want from this. 

Will I go to sleep during your sessions?

Absolutely not. In fact, if you go to sleep during the sessions you are not doing your part. Stay awake please. 

Will I remember what happened in the sessions?

Yes! Just as well as you would remember any conversation that goes on for an hour to an hour and a half (the usual time for each session). 

How many sessions will it take to fix my issue?

Most people feel very satisfied with the changes they have made in about 5 sessions. That said, some people do need more time to see the changes they want. I assess each person individually by phone. I want to make sure I can help you fast. The advantage in working with me is that I help people get very deep, thorough, and a broad range of changes, all in one set of sessions, quickly. My methods are ideal for busy people who don’t want to be working on something forever, but just want to get over their problems and on with their lives. 

How long are the sessions?

Most sessions are about an hour to an hour and a half long. We are looking to reach certain criteria in each session. Once that is done, we are finished. Of course, some people need more time. Others are very fast. I have certainly done 2 hour sessions. I have also done 20 minute sessions! 

How often are the sessions?

Ideally, about once per week, but in some cases we can go longer in between sessions if that is more convenient. For instance, some people travel a lot and they find it difficult to get in the sessions weekly. If that is you, keep in mind that I also do sessions virtually, from hotel rooms, all the time. Occasionally skipping a weekly session here and there usually doesn’t matter much. It will, however, drag out the overall time it takes to reach your goals. Again, I’ll learn more about how often we need to meet, when I assess you personally. 

Will I be able to drive and/or go to work after the sessions?

Yes. I sometimes do incorporate suggestions for relaxation in the first session (not usually the others). So, some people are very relaxed after that first session. If this is the case, it will feel as if you have had a good nap. Once you leave the session, you will get your energy back, as you would after a nap, very soon after the session. 

What kind of things can your coaching sessions help with?

My sessions help you with just about anything you want to do, but can’t seem to get yourself to do. It also helps you STOP doing something that you find difficult stopping. My coaching sessions, also help you get going when you are stuck. They’ll help you get back to your old self, get that mojo back, or go to new, sometimes almost unbelievable, heights of success that you want. Also, my sessions will help you feel way less stressed or overwhelmed at work, and at home, even if your circumstances don’t change. So, you can probably see how this can also impressively help in your job, or business and in sales.

Otherwise, my coaching sessions help people feel optimistic, happy, ready to get moving forward, feeling good about themselves, and feeling confident. My coaching sessions will help with your mindset in so many ways also, such as not needing the approval of others, being able to stand up for yourself and in knowing you are good enough. If you need clarity, you second guess yourself, or you have trouble making decisions, my sessions can help you with these things as well.

Additionally, I love helping people with strange and unusual problems, as well as health issues that are chronic, or when the doctor says there is nothing more they can do. I also love working with kids, teens, some disabled young adults and with relationship issues. Oh, and I would love to help you to improve at your sport.

I know it may seem like my work is not specific enough. Many coaches believe they need to pick a niche, such as weight loss, business or sports. However, the fact is that I do work on just one thing, creating harmony in the subconscious mind. I do this by resolving beliefs that are in conflict with what clients want. This means balancing emotions and perceptions held there, and that are negatively effecting people. 

Do you help people with specific medical issues?

My methods are great for chronic health issues that cause discomfort of any kind, especially if doctors say there is no more they can do. Ask your doctor if hypnosis would be okay for your issue. Then, let’s do a consultation to see how much this can do for you. 

Do you work with children?

I love working with children. I do need to assess whether I am the right fit for them, and to know the correct approach within my methodology. Therefore, I need to do a consult, first, with a parent. Each child and family system, plus parenting style, is different and each of these things, as well as the issue at hand, has to be considered.

BTW young adults (grown, or almost grown kids), having a hard time moving into college due to inner stress, have been some of my favorite clients. I’ve seen a lot of them who also have left college, went home and stayed in their rooms. The new environment was just too much for them. They feel like a failure and are scared to even give college another chance. I really love getting them back to school again. 

Do you work with mentally challenged young adults?

Yes, I’d love to have a conversation, and do a consultation to see if my methods will be useful. I recently worked with a mentally challenged teenager going through a lot of inner pain. It felt amazing to me and to his mother when he said, “Finally, something that works Mom!” His psychiatrist was astonished as well. Get in contact and I’ll have some questions. If I think I can help, we will move forward from there. 

Do you work with athletes?

YES! They are so much fun. Any kind of athlete should call me. Let’s get your mental game in line with your abilities! I’d love to help you improve your game. 

Do you work with entrepreneurs?

Indeed. All the time. It’s very satisfying to help people starting a new dream and striving to excel and level up in their work life. I help new business owners to pull out all of the mental stops, and become unleashed and sometimes even freakishly empowered in a whole new way. This is awesome fun. 

Do you work with couples?

One at a time, yes. I like to work with the most motivated one first. When one person changes that is often all it takes. I love helping people fall in love all over again. This saves entire families and has a great impact outside of just one or two people. That said, I have also helped people to leave when they really wanted to get out. Or to stand up for themselves, or not be so sensitive.

In addition, some partners can have confidence issues in bed and I have helped with that. Others, just need to stop yelling and scaring the kids, so helping them get over the reasons they are negatively triggered by the kids or their partners is primary. It’s wonderful to have that peaceful, loving family you have always wanted, for yourself, your loved one, and your children. When you have a warm home life EVERYTHING improves. You deserve it.

Speaking of relationships, you didn’t ask, but many times I have also helped people who are dating to start attracting and being attracted to better people. 

Can you help me with _______?

Probably. Set up a free consultation with me to discuss it. 

Are the sessions confidential?


Can you do the hypnotic coaching virtually?

Yes, even though I live in Texas, I work with people from all over the world. YES it works JUST as well, so long as you have privacy, no interruptions (think kids, partners and pets). You also have to have a good internet connection, and a good headset with a mic on it, is a must. Set up a free consultation and I can tell you more. 

How far out are you booked?

My availability varies like any business of this nature. Sometimes I am booked months out and other times you can get in the very week you call. So just set up a consultation to find out. 

What is your success rate?

I have virtually or nearly a 100% success rate so long as you follow the instructions and finish out the recommended amount of sessions. I know that sounds untrue, so you could say I have a 98% success rate by session 4 (I usually do 5 sessions) which, looking at it that way, might make you feel better. :o) 

I have an unusual problem do you think you could help me?

Quite possibly. Call me and tell me about it. I’ll see what I can do for you. You are not alone. 

I have an embarrassing problem, do you think you could help me?

Again, quite possibly, but you will have to talk about it in an open and honest way. I work with a lot of things people find to be embarrassing, so you can tell me anything. Once I hear what is going on, I’ll have some questions, then, if I think I can help you, we will go from there. By the way, I have had some embarrassing problems in my life too, so you will not be judged. 

How much are the Hypnotic Coaching Sessions?

Check out the current pricing listed on the website. 

Do you ever take on clients you are not sure you can help?

I love to take a crack at things I have no idea I can help with. It stretches me. If I feel this way about your problem I will be truthful with you. It’s up to you if you want to proceed or not. Problems like these lie outside of the norm and if I fail to help you, and I tell you that I am not AS confident as I am with other issues, you can not hold me too that 98-100% success rate I normally have. That said, I have surprised myself many times with getting excellent outcomes in these cases usually, but not always. 

What if I want to cancel my sessions?

If you cancel your sessions check the paperwork there is a refund for unused sessions. See the client paperwork that I send you before working with me. 

What is your training and your background?

My training is primarily as a hypnotist. In fact I have many years of hypnosis training and then, more importantly, years of doing sessions. I was a radio announcer for 24 years before that. And before that I scooped ice cream for a living. I am from a large family, kid number 4 of 6. We all grew up in Louisiana with loads of crawfish and oysters on the kitchen table in an old wood framed house. My parents loved each other. I was lucky. They also let us all run kind of wild and free, which was fun. Is that enough? You can see my bio for more information. Thanks for asking. 

What is your biggest challenge in working with clients?

So many clients make gigantic changes, and then actually forget how tough it was before the sessions, and thus, how far they have come. I think there is a natural mechanism in human beings that encourages them to forget that they ever had an issue, but if you don’t remember, how can you really fully own your evolutionary growth? So, please consider, if you do sessions with me, journaling or jotting down some notes to self. You can keep it to yourself, but watch for the changes. Make the decision to be aware. Then, own your “tada” moments; pat yourself on the back when you see your changes! Be proud of yourself. 

How do I get in to see Celeste Hackett for coaching?

Just set up a free telephone consultation, or leave a voice or text message. We will proceed from there.