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According to American Health Magazine, some years ago, hypnotherapy had a success rate of 93% after 6 sessions. Here is the results of all the modalities mentioned.



Recovery after 600 Sessions

Behavior Therapy


Recovery after 22 Sessions



Recovery after 6 Sessions

I was intrigued by this study and decided to do my own research on my hypnotic coaching methods to see how they match up.   So, over a period of several months, I surveyed my clients right before their last session, after session four, right before we were actually finished.  A couple of questions, was all I asked, just enough to satisfy my curiosity.  I took the survey before clients were finished, because I knew from experience that most clients would feel they were all better after session four.

One question I asked was “Would you say the sessions were successful overall?” The answer to this was 100% yes.  When I asked “Would you recommend my services?”  Again, I got a 100% yes.

Although clients had found the solution they were looking for (usually with a minimum of 5 goals), a small handful of clients needed to implement and continue new lifestyle changes or sustained effort, before seeing final results of one last thing that lagged behind the others.  Some examples of goals that can take more time are, physical changes in weight, flexibility or strength,  finding a new or better relationship, or being hired for your dream job.   And there was one goal that one of the surveyed clients had that I could see I was not going to be able to help her with, within my 5 session model.

So, to be fair, even though we had not yet finished all of the sessions in their hypnotic coaching package, we’ll go ahead and take another 2% off of my 100% success rate at session four out of the usual 5 sessions that most people do.

Let’s now add in my own style of hypnotic coaching to that original list mentioned above:

Hypnotic Coaching
with Celeste Hackett Coaching


Recovery after 4 Sessions