I started my professional life as a radio announcer and did pretty well landing jobs in major markets, but after 24 years in the broadcasting business, I became disenchanted with it. It also became disenchanted with me, I got fired.  Being released from my work left me with time on my hands which allowed me to settle into introspection.  As I reviewed my life, I became more and more aware of a long buried and ardent desire to help people. It wasn’t long afterwards, that I set out to investigate the best way to do that.

My research led me first to the subconscious mind and then to hypnotism as a way to help people make real and lasting change.  Once I began looking into hypnosis schools, I realized very quickly there was only one school for me, Cal Banyan’s school.  Cal Banyan created a method for doing hypnosis sessions called 5-PATH®.  Learning from him and his wife, Maureen, and supporting their vision over the years, has enormously served my growth as a helping professional and as a person.

I opened my first hypnosis practice out of my home.  Then, determined to learn hypnosis at an even deeper level, I became one of Cal Banyan’s trainers and opened a state-licensed school in the Dallas area.  As I was teaching, I was also seeing clients and doing hundreds, then thousands of sessions.  Clients would usually have tried everything and were quite desperate before they found me.  It was not unusual for them to have multiple serious problems and to hear, “Please help me.  You are my last hope.”

Celeste Hackett Coaching was the natural evolution of my hypnosis work.  I now utilize my years of experience and skill in accessing the subconscious again, but this time for those wanting life and professional coaching.  My understanding of the hidden potential that each client carries and more importantly, how to bring that potential out,  gives me quite an advantage over many of my coaching peers.

I have loved and still love, the most difficult cases. The more problems all rolled into one, the bigger the TADA moment when the house of cards falls.  I never get tired of seeing people dramatically change.  My work is my passion.  I love it and I love people, especially people with problems.

So, if you have something challenging you in any way, be it personally or professionally, you are the most interesting person in the world to me.  I can’t wait to see what will make you light up, and absolutely know, that finally, you have found something that works.  I live for those amazing moments, your amazing moments, and it is my honor and privilege to work with you.

Please browse this site and check out the vast array of personal and professional challenges I have helped people, just like you, overcome forever.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Celeste Hackett