The Ultimate Coaching Program

Level 1 – (Phase 1 and 2)

You will be working with me privately, one on one.  The work we will do together is completely confidential and will be done either in person or virtually, over 3  sessions.  Each session is done about once per week and takes about an hour to an hour and a half.  

Level 1 aspires to complete two very important phases which will begin to move you toward your goals very quickly.  The first session usually completes the first phase. Each phase is finished once certain criteria is met. The second phase usually takes 2 sessions.  People can be different in many ways, so please note my use of the word “usually”.  

Now, let’s look at what you can expect from each of these two phases.

Level 1– PHASE 1 – usually completed in the first session

GOAL SETTING: This is the time to clarify your goals.  I will help you to do that if you are not quite sure what you want.  We will also be looking at what benefits you will get once your goals have been met.  Exciting the mind this way puts it on course perfectly. I will be using your goals as a guideline for the coming sessions, circling back often, to make sure we stay on track.

REACHING THE SUBCONSCIOUS: Don’t worry, It’s very simple.  I’ll ask you to sit (at a desk or table if this is a virtual session, or in a recliner if the sessions are done in my office) and relax for a moment with your eyes closed, then I’ll give you something to do mentally, such as put your attention on your hands for a few moments.  In following my instructions, you will enter into a state you have been in a million times before.  At those times you probably were not aware of the power inherent in it. This session we begin partnering with this power.

STABILIZING THE STATE: As I continue to talk to you, you will hear every word and be able to remember everything that is said, and as we spend a little time there, in the correct state of mind, it will naturally stabilize and serve as a guide for your inner mind to effortlessly duplicate in our future work together.

DEMYSTIFYING YOUR ABILITY TO DO THIS: The other day I was making pancakes and my grandmothers face came to mind vividly. The mind works by association, she used to make me pancakes, so her image came up.  I would not have been able to access that image, automatically, had I not spontaneously shifted into a mental state that allowed that kind of sharing. This state of mind is just the state we will be utilizing again and again throughout your sessions.

When in this state of mind, I didn’t feel hypnotized, relaxed or weird because the state doesn’t actually feel like anything. I just became aware of an image of my grandmother’s face. That’s it. No big deal.

Your mind has definitely had something arise from a deeper part of you from time to time.  How do I know this?  Because you have a mind,  and to share information in this way is an ordinary function of your mind’s ability. Whether it is an image that comes to awareness, a memory, too much emotion over something small, an idea or an aha moment, your mind is bringing things, or trying to bring things, to your attention all the time.

So, for our work together, we will simply be using the natural ability of your biological computer, all levels of your mind, to bring up specific things instead of random things.  And guess what the best part is?  Just as I wasn’t trying to get a look at my grandmothers face, you don’t have to try either.  Things will come to help you automatically.  Again, your mind does that for you all the time and it will also do this when we are working together.   If you have any questions about this please let me know before our second session.

ASKING THE SUBCONSCIOUS FOR SPECIFIC DATA: Once you make that slight shift into the state of consciousness I am looking for, I will let you know.  You will remain wide awake, but with eyes closed, and you will hear me continue to talk.  As I talk I am basically asking a deeper more vigilant part of you (such as where memory is stored)  to collect pertinent data, which once understood better and addressed properly, will help you to reach your goals.

Your inner mind will begin collecting the data silently, and in the background, and will continue doing so throughout the week between this session and the next.  “In the background” means you wont’ be aware of what is collected or when it is collected.  The data will then be placed in a part of the mind for easy retrieval when we call for it in the second phase, which is usually the second session.

ENDING THE FIRST SESSION AND PHASE ONE:  Once we have prepared the mind properly we will have fulfilled the  criteria for the first phase of our work which usually is the first session.  At this point, I will have you open your eyes and afterwards you will be able to get right back to work or go on with your day. Most clients report having a great day, feeling good, even refreshed.

A SMALL BIT OF HOMEWORK: This phase is also where I’ll teach you to do a simple silent exercise in your mind.  You will be asked to do this exercise for 5 minutes every morning, and then for another 5 minutes again in the latter part of the day, each day, until I see you next.  I will also ask you to do this same exercise each night, as you fall asleep.

Doing this simple exercise is very easy.  The 5 minutes go by fast, and you may begin to see positive changes happening the very first week as a result of your practicing it.  However, the main reason I want you to do this small task, as homework, is because it will prime the automatic responses of the inner mind for  the second session, which is where you will begin to notice obvious changes.

The homework given is a very effective self-hypnosis method.  It is called 7th Path®.   Sometime during our time together in our first visit, I’ll have you practice it for a few minutes, so that I can answer any questions you may have.

Level 1– PHASE 2 – usually completed in two sessions

First Session within Phase Two

When you first arrive I will ask if you have any questions about your homework and also make note of any changes you may have already had.  Next, we will review your goals again, getting more clarity, if needed, and if you have a new goal you want to add, we can look at that as well. Once the preliminaries are out of the way, we will move into preparing for the first session in the second phase.  

 In preparation I will teach you a very easy way to stay out of the way of the subconscious mind, so it can do it’s work purely.  This is important because if you are like most people, you have relied solely on the conscious mind (such as your intellect and will power) to address problems.  That hasn’t worked as you had hoped.  That is why you are here.  So we are going to take a vastly new approach, something that will get you to your goals faster, more fully and finally.  I’ll explain your part in this session and even have you practice an exercise before the session that will make that easier. 

Once I think you have the gist of the exercise, I’ll have you close your eyes, and then we will move forward from there talking back and forth during this session.  You will be the first to know what the subconscious data is as it will come to your mind for you to tell me about. What will arise will be moments that you have had in your life that have some critical element such as an emotion, thought or deeply held belief. The first moment that comes up, and others that will follow, are hand picked data chosen by the wisdom of a deeper part of your  mind.  This data has within it, a clue intrinsic to your personal challenge and the key to change.  

This is not the time to question.  You will slow down the process with any “yeah buts”.  Just go with the flow as things arise and report what’s coming up.  This is not remembering either, so do not worry if you have a bad memory.  Everything that ever happened to you, plus what you thought and felt about it, was recorded in the subconscious mind, asked properly, the perfect information will come to you.  

Some things that come up will make obvious sense.  Other things may make partial sense and will be more like a nuance of something, and some may seem like utter nonsense. Each bit of information is important, so don’t discount any of it.  I’ll explain more about all of this in our consultation, or within the session framework or as needed.

I usually, by this time, get the question, “What if nothing comes up?’ Follow the easy instructions and it works every time.  However, to keep your conscious mind occupied, so it doesn’t try to remember things on it’s own,  can take a few corrections until you get the hang of it.  This is only natural because we are asking you to use your mind in a way you never have before.  So a few starts and stops can happen during this session sometimes.  If that happens, I’ll keep coaching you in what to do.  It won’t take long before you will fall right into the rhythm of it.  Anybody of normal intelligence, who is willing to follow instructions can do what is needed very easily.  

The ability to help the subconscious get the precise data needed is one of the most dramatic benefits of doing sessions with me.  Second to that would be my ability to recognize data, when we get it, as pertinent or not.  Next, is my ability to know if there is more needed and where, and how to get that.  Fourth, is the ability to move you towards your own personal transformation (what you want)  using the information given. 

This phase is my favorite phase as a practitioner because most clients begin to feel better right away.  Afterwards, as the work soaks in, over a few hours to a few days, there are usually more changes that I will hear about.  I want you to use your life as your testing ground after each session.  Make note of any changes and bring them to the next session.  Then, we will go from there. 

Third session – within Phase Two:

As I have already said,  Phase two usually takes two sessions.  It is all about uncovering primary root causes of things and overcoming them, so that you can reach your most ardent goals.  It is very surprising how one thing leads to another to cause problems sometimes.  More than once I have had clients put things together, and after getting aha moments, say something like, “that was weird” or “I can’t believe that is at the root of my problem.”     

The third session we will begin to address whatever is still hanging on.  However, so long as it can be resolved with the techniques used in phase two, we will remain in that phase.  Some examples of things that may still need to be addressed are moments that you may know left negative impressions on you, but that didn’t come up in the last session.  We can go directly to them and remove the impact, so you are no longer hindered by them.  

I often leave this session for specific overt work on certain things, also,  which may require other techniques that we have not used yet.   For example we may have found and removed the root cause of a particular fear, but there may be additional work that needs to be done specifically for that fear to completely drop away.   

I also find that if fear of death or grief is part of the problem causing your issue, this is a good place to quickly do that kind of work.

Once this phase is complete clients are usually seeing big changes in their lives,  themselves, their actions and their feelings.  They are usually moving forward with a feeling of new empowerment, optimism and inspiration.  This is because Level 1 deals primarily with fears and misconceptions.  Those are usually the main subconscious problems causing most issues.  

That said, for some clients unconscious anger (and sometimes it is conscious)  at others, from the past, can keep some clients in their problem or partially in their problem.  Addressing this and anger at the self, guilt, regret and most importantly self-sabotage are what Level 2 are for.  

Note: Even though we are sometimes dealing with emotions from the past this is not anything like therapy.  When moments from the past reveal a feeling I am just making note of where it is located, and then we are out of there.  Once the mind has connected the dots, and we have a sort of map of your problem’s timeline, how it was created, we will look at each moment in order to specifically and quickly eliminate old emotions on the spot.  The goal of each session is to work fast, thoroughly and for clients to feel better within each moment.  Then, most importantly, to feel even better by getting what they want, once the work is done.