The Ultimate Coaching Program

Everyone who works with me must go through The Ultimate Coaching Program (TUCP) initially.  This program is done in two levels and each level has two phases.  In these coaching sessions I will be bringing all that I have mastered over working successfully with thousands of hypnosis clients, and will be applying my own inspired and unique techniques within the tried and true 5-PATH® framework.

It does not matter what your challenge is. If I accept you as a client, you have a very high probability of success. In fact, I have a success rate of virtually 100% or very near to that, so long as clients follow instructions. One of the main reasons that I have such a high success rate, is because I vet each person on the phone ahead of time.

Once we begin working together, the work we do will very likely, dramatically change your life. Each phase of the work in The Ultimate Coaching Program has the potential to bring profound realizations.  These realizations are life changing because the coaching is done within the subconscious mind, where all of your trouble, and paradoxically all of your answers reside.

As we move through the phases of the work, there will be no question that you are reaching your goals, so long as you have the talent and ability to do so.  We always begin each session with the end in mind, the end being what you uniquely want, your personal or professional goals, whatever they may be.

When you become a client of mine, you are working with me exclusively and privately, either in person or virtually, for 2-3 sessions for LEVEL 1 and 2-3 sessions for LEVEL 2. Each session is done about once per week.  Each session is usually about an hour to an hour and a half long.  My approach is methodical, criteria based and done in phases.