The Ultimate Coaching Program

Level 2

Level 2 builds on the changes you have already made in Level 1 of The Ultimate Coaching Program.  We continue to work privately and one on one together in person or virtually.  Sessions are usually about an hour to an hour and a half long.

Many clients feel they have gotten what they wanted out of Level 1 and they think they are finished with what this work can do for them.   I call these the Level 1 high achievers.  When they move forward into Level 2 they are often surprised and delighted with how much more they can succeed and change.

Still, other clients will actually need Level 2 to realize their initial goals.  If this happens, Level 2 is a must, but by the time it is completed most clients get all they originally wanted, and they catch up in every way with the Level 1 high achievers.

What makes up the difference?  The difference is in what is causing problems for each individual.  If fears and misconceptions are the primary issue at the root of what is holding you back from success, then Level 1 is going to leave a client feeling unleashed, alive and ready to take on life in a powerful new way.  If, however, there is a significant amount of anger at the self or others, regret, guilt or self-sabotage at the root cause of problems, those individuals will not get fully what they are looking for until Level 2 is completed.  The reason being those issues are addressed in phases 3 and 4 (which occur in Level 2).

Keep in mind that you can feel like you have no anger, guilt or self-sabotage bothering you at all, for these emotions to be negatively affecting you.  Why is that?  Because those feelings, in this case, would be subconscious. In other words, they reside below your conscious ability to grasp or be aware of them,  and this can happen no matter how intelligent you are.  So, if your problem continues after phase 1, usually phase 2 will be the remedy.

Here is an example.  I had a client who had a very intense and painful feeling all over his body that especially occurred when in stressful situations.  His doctor couldn’t figure out what it was, and so he called me to see if I could help him.  As I gathered the background information it sounded like fear was the cause of his pain, but when I did Level 1 work, my client only improved about 45%.  We quickly learned the other 55% was internal anger that had never been resolved, but that he was completely unaware of.  His life improved tremendously after the Level 2 work.

Note: if you do feel, after Level 1 that you are doing great, we still suggest that you do Level 2.  The reason is that subconscious anger and self-sabotage are still in play. These things may be connected to the old inner issues that you let go of. If they are triggered,  they can restart old problems, somewhat or fully, again.  So if you find that you are making unbelievable strides after Level 1, but things start to go wrong again, keep Level 2 in mind as the probable answer.  Better yet, just do Level 2 to begin with; don’t skip it.  

Below is a more in-depth look at phases 3 and 4 in Level 2.

Level 2 – PHASE 3 – usually completed in one session

This session is for resolving subconscious anger and it is extremely powerful, very fast and wonderfully effective.  When finished, if you are like most clients, you will likely feel like a weight has been lifted.  Most people, who go through the anger work, say they have let go of anger they thought they could never be free of.  Still others are very surprised when we find there is internal anger. 

Releasing anger with the techniques in Level 2 will help you feel free.  You will also be more open to connecting and trusting people you deem worthy of keeping in your inner circle.  It is not unusual to hear about clients rekindling old relationships or connecting more deeply with partners, parents, old friends and their children after this session.  

If you have ever been too irritated or mad over something small, after this session, that will happen less often, if at all.  That old inner anger will be gone and  can not be triggered.  Old anger is a useless speed bump that slows you down.  It’s great when it is gone.  You’ll soar forward toward your goals like never before. You will also be much less stressed because you don’t have to keep a tight lid on a boiling inner pot anymore.  This frees up your energy.  After this session most of my clients report that they don’t take things so personally, they have more energy and they find themselves really enjoying life more.

One unique thing about this phase that sometimes happens is something I call the boundary detour.  This detour, is from anger work into coaching clients on how to use a special boundary setting technique.  This powerful technique will make you feel great about how you handle yourself with difficult people.  And when applied, it will help you to enjoy on-going relationships with certain people you love, but who in the past have consistently stressed you out or used you.  

Over my years of doing hypnosis and coaching work, I have been so surprised how these relationships can be transformed by this one simple boundary setting technique.  Just yesterday, I heard from a client who applied it just once with her mother who she always called a narcissist.  The next day, her mother called my client and apologized to her for the very first time my client’s life.  Of course, not all difficult people in your life will end up apologizing to you, but they will very likely begin to treat you better.  Don’t worry if you can’t see how this could happen yet.  As we build you up during each phase and session, you will get what I am talking about.

Level 2 – PHASE 4 – usually completed in one session

For a lot of clients this will be their last session.  Many may feel they are over all their issues completely.  Clients may even wonder why they have another session scheduled.  Besides all sorts of wonderful changes happening within themselves and in their lives, clients often report new exciting ideas or opportunities in work or in relationships coming to them.  This is because they have removed many barriers to the way they see themselves.  This is an exciting time.  Client’s also often report that it seems like the world is rewarding them for all of their hard work.  

To keep the momentum going as best as we can we have a special session planned for you in phase four.  It truly is like no other session. This phase deals with forgiving yourself, letting go of regret, guilt and most importantly self-sabotage.  Many clients say this is their favorite session of all.   I won’t go into a lot of detail here because speaking about it really doesn’t do it any justice; it really needs to be experienced. It is the cherry on top and I cannot wait to share it with you.  

After all of the phases are complete it is indeed time to realize you have come a very long way.  I will feel very honored and privileged to have been with you during this very special transformational time in your life.  I’ll also feel a little sad because I will have gotten to know you very well, probably better than anyone ever has and yet it is time for me to let go and for you to move on with your new and wonderful life.  

Since many clients have asked for ongoing support and do really benefit from that, make sure you look into the retainer packages.  It would be my pleasure to carry our special professional relationship together further and into the future.